August 18th, 2006

Snakes on a Plane BadgerBadger

Pacific Air 121 tonight

You saw the Daily Show clip, you've seen the references EVERYWHERE, but last night at midnight the snakes were unleashed.

It was one thing when the blogosphere was muttering about it, when it was just a blog entry spawning a meme a year ago. But like most things on the internet, from Happatai to 50 DKP minus to _dumbledoredies, it's awesome for a while but gets old pretty fast. When your sunday school teacher is sending you Samuel L Jackson SoaP ringtones, you know it's an "old meme". Hell, part of me was tired of hearing about SoaP before the movie came out. Maybe I'm an elitist asshole that way, but jeez.

Still, I'm going to see this through. jennifriendfoodfriday crew (and three others somehow, making our party too large for most restaurants we want to go to in NYC tonight mother of hell)'s got tickets for tonight.
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