August 7th, 2006

Oregon Trail Chuck Norris

Commuting, Chuck, Cessna, CCCP

This is what I sat in for an hour and a half last Wednesday. With no A/C. At least I could sit there and drip while listening to Stern.

And, as carrisse posted, they're making that hell a daily experience. As a co-worker pointed out, that day just gave me a nice preview of what life will be like.

Compare, if you will, this and that. Oh, wait, they're just about the same? That's right. I think I'm setting up a sleeping bag under my desk or taking 280/10. And after they're done shutting down the express lanes for the rest of the summer, the entire fall, and into the winter? They shut down the local lanes and we get to do it all over again. Wheefun.

On top of that there's the construction in Jersey City that's been such a pain in the ass that utini2's sister only wanted tips on how to avoid the mess in return for giving jenniever a television. That's been fun all summer, as it's always one lane the direction I'm going (being a counter-commuter and all).

Bruce Dickinson. Singer, pilot, abortion survivor, composer, husband, father, top ranked fencer, drummer, guitarist, television host, DJ, wargamer, and official bad person in Sharon Osbourne's book. First he takes on spontaneous human combustion. Now he's a hero, lifting 200 Brits displaced by war to safety. Bruce Dickinson is my Chuck Norris.

Today is my brother cessna182's birthday. Happy birthday to him!
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