June 6th, 2006

Tofino camping fire

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If you're running Linux on your ThinkPad, try out the SmackPad. Don't let those Apple elitists have all the fun. Just don't throw a chair at it.


As it's June 6th, 2006, here's the best way I can think of to celebrate it, if you put stock in such silly things as arbitrary dating systems changed and re-calculated over the centuries, and assuming that it's really 666 and not 616.

How young they look there. Compare and contrast that with this more recent offering from the lads. I still need to pick up the latest tour video. Unfortunately, based on that clip, it looks like they're sticking with the "The more cuts, the better the quality" spastic ADHD monkey school of concert video. The fact that they bragged about the number of cuts taken for the Rio DVD saddens me. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Speaking of oldness and British bands, jenniever and I saw the other Marillion fan in Jersey the other day while walking through the_boke.

Tonight runstaverun and I are going to go see Nada Surf down in Slayerville, hometown of that guy who got kicked out of my high school, the guy everyone associates with Jersey.

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