April 4th, 2006

Knives by Silace

Maddie wins

madolan, I remember a conversation where you and graye discussed beating me... well, you did.
  1. miss_mcdonald 8.12/10
  2. cp_journalcomic 6.85/10
  3. god_dot_com 6.51/10
  4. shmivejournal 6.43/10
  5. thebitingfaery 6.41/10
  6. foreverbeach 6.28/10
  7. satan_dot_com 6.25/10
  8. wookiepocket 6.10/10
  9. damnitnicole 5.76/10
  10. madolan 5.44/10
  11. kingfox 5.34/10
He's at #20, but you're solidly kicking my ass.

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I really don't want to take this algorithms test in a bit. I'd much rather laugh and frolic in the fields with Sandra Klass.
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Snakes on a Plane BadgerBadger

TRAGEDY - Clerks 2 vs Snakes on a Plane

This is horrible.

Clerks 2 comes out the same day as Snakes on a Plane. mrfantasy just pointed this out to me.

My immortal soul is torn between these two forces.

Sure, we all know SOaP will be the next RHPS, and I've got people I've promised to see it with opening night in NYC. But Kevin Smith! Fuck, I even loved Jersey Girl! He could spread his latest bowel movement on the silver screen and I'd rave about the hue and texture! So what if he's moved out of Jersey?

This will only end in heartbreak and disaster.
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