March 29th, 2006


Cleaning out the cruft

While dumping out papers from my office today, I came across a Therapy score card, from the weekly Game Night at runstaverun and kikibird's that I used to attend. Some odd notes:
Chris has low social polish.
Peter will say me so I say ME.
Russ most likely to dream of being in chains and wild revenge!
Most likely to rule world, no arguments, instant agreement, all around. - me
Most interesting fantasy life. - me
Peter, but less so over the past week.
Modern times, as I need internet despite how much fun and cool the Roman Empire would be.
Russell will meet some girl who will say let's go flamenco dancing, so he'll take two lessons and then she'll break up with him, and he'll hate flamenco, but he'll love hating it.
Chris won, asshole was in style, Cory cheated, I failed at my attempt to cheat, Peter went psycho letting us win.
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