March 28th, 2006


The dead walk the streets!

I used to love working at EB whenever a new patch for EverCrack came out. Musty shapeless figures would shamble into the store, emerging from their dark warrens, frightening the children in their quest for the more refined hit. It was not pretty.

Now I'm one of those people, I know.

Tonight I've been working on homework for class, and didn't intend to do more than possibly see a boss or two in Molten Core, drop a repairbot, and bow out to let someone in the waitlist proceed so I could concentrate on homework. When the invite came for dinner with jenniever and jennifriend (in from San Diego), I walked away from the game without a second thought. Beyond that, I knew today was patch day, which led me to expect a host of problems. I just wanted to see what things would be like on other nights, to get a taste of the early ramifications of the changes made today. But I didn't have to ignore the game to hit the books, the game was dead.

What happens when you deprive millions of meth heads of their next hit? Pandemonium. The GuildPortal website's already got a warning, as all the players are bitching on their guild forums instead: "Hey all -- looks like WoW is patching their patch, and it's taking quite some time, so performance of the site will be impacted until people are able to play the game. Apologies for the inconvenience!" Other WoW-related sites are down or serving up low bandwidth versions, though for the add on sites that's normal for a patch day. And the populace is cranky. Already some WoWers in my friends list have expressed their frustration, and people are irritable in my guild forums. Unfortunately, this display of withdrawal is more entertaining than the game itself in some ways, and distracting me from homework.
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