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Holy fucking shitfuck, fucking hell yeah!

Iron Maiden confirms it! They're going to be part of Ozzfest this year! The Anthrax rumors, unfortunately, seem to be false. Oh well.

Hey blackbytes, can I have off the last two tuesdays of July?

Needless to say, I'm quite excited.

So, there was an interesting discussion the other day at work. Not many of you may know this, but some appliances have a Sabbath mode, which has some interesting features to help Orthodox Jews. TiVo doesn't have a Sabbath mode, so where does it fall? Can you program it to record something on the sabbath, or is it ok if you get a ``season pass'' for a show that you end up taping on the sabbath? Resident Jewish scholar runstaverun suggested a Sabbath mode that merely schedules another program for the sabbath, that has top priority, always creating a conflict if you attempt to TiVo something then.

You ever check out a friend's friends page, and notice the color they picked for you? You wonder to yourself later why they picked that color combination? Am I the only one?

And why did you pick that color combination for kingfox, anyway?

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