September 7th, 2005

Mille Bornes

Middle Ages Meme & assorted notes

Alright, so here's the scenario. You're sent back in time to the Middle Ages. You can pick a particular year, if it's really important to you. You weren't expecting to go back in time (no preparation!), and you're sent back Terminator-style... naked. You're from the future! Surely, you should be able to kick this society's ass with your superior knowledge!

So, list 5 things you could offer to the king/lord/guy-intent-on-beating-you-up that would aid society so that they revere you instead of treating you like a common serf. If you'd argue that "better warfare" is not an aid to society, cram it up your ass. They'll revere you plenty if you bring 'em more efficient ways to kill each other! Keep in mind, these are things that you yourself must be able to do, and you must be able to do them with the materials present in the past. You can't just say "I'll give them the machine gun!" unless you would be able to build a machine gun on your own with the materials present in the past. Good luck with that.

Also, I don't want any answers like "I'd bring them Rock & Roll!". Save it for your hippy friends.

Edit: I thought I covered this, but apparently it wasn't clear enough. You need specifics. You can't just say "I'd improve sanitation!" You'd need to actually describe how you go about doing that. Also, I cut the number down from 10 to 5. And if this doesn't end up working, I'll mock you and then repost it in a week with a slightly different twist.
(stolen from _sterno_)

First day of classes today. Calculus and Econometrics. PARTY!

It depresses me greatly that Leonard Cohen is just about broke. At least he seems to be taking it well.

Remember that zombie breakout/game of life simulator I couldn't stop watching? I tried to convince crimson117 to make a flash version. Well, the guy who made it came up with a MMOG where you can play a zombie or a survivor. Check it out here.
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