May 27th, 2005


Step into my evil lair...

I have a problem.

An addiction, as it were.

I'm a hardcore video game addict.

At this point you're probably scoffing at this, dear reader, and scrolling down to the next entry. But I assure you, I have a real problem.

jenniever can attest to me not wanting to do anything until I've made sure that my daily KoL and LotGD (less of the latter lately) turns are taken.

But it goes far beyond that.

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So a few weeks ago, a student employee was working on his computer. The background was of a cartoon squat guy with a haircut like _sterno_ and a monocle. Didn't recognize it, questioned the kid. ``Oh, it's for Evil Genius. You know, that game that came out last fall? Kind of like a spy version of Dungeon Keeper?''

I should have ran away screaming. I should have gotten rid of those short term memories. Something compared to Dungeon Keeper, my greatest addiction. Sure, cybersphere kept me up until six in the morning for weeks on end, but it never kept me playing for over thirty-two hours straight. But I tried the demo, and was downloading a pirated copy after ordering a legit copy within minutes. Austin Powers mixed with Dungeon Keeper? I'm glad I didn't hear about it until all of my assignments were turned in.

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Someone, please, lock me up.

Yay for jennifriendfoodfriday. jennifriend moved to the_boke this week.

What are people doing this weekend?
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