May 20th, 2005

Animated Laughing Man, Ghost in the Shell

Teachers getting a strike...

jenniever just called. The wrong kind of bus showed up for the field trip the students were supposed to go on today to upstate New York.

So instead they all went bowling.

Now THAT's a great school.
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eBayers gone bad...

In a few minutes, it'll be twenty-four hours since caniswolfie's last seen Episode III! He's only seen it three times so far!! I think he's going to go into shock without more Star Wars soon!!! A bunch of us might go see it again after jennifriendfoodfridaying.

This is scary, possibly even scarier than the last placed I lived before moving in with petemagyar in the_boke. People in the SA forums pray that it was just a prank. Yeah, I know it's a couple of years old, and thus a geological epoch has passed in internet time since its original posting.

hiphopatcong took a video and photos of the old place back in February 2003. Here is a movie of the place, and here are photos of the place. Much like in the first case, it's just an eBay addict gone mad.

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