March 5th, 2005

A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

Phone Post:

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“"No! I'm calling LiveJournal because I'm lame like that... anyway, I'm here with <lj user="assfingers">, <lj user="hotbeatz">, <lj user="jenniever">, <lj user="madolan">, <lj user="andamaroo">, <lj user="kingfox">, <lj user="lady_chablis">, <lj user="angrybunnyman">, (LJ User="Unknown"), "LJ user = Holy shit" (unknown), <lj user="adamgreeny">, "Oh, I missed someone out! LJ USER = Everyone fucking here who I said out. LJ user equals (something). (LJ users suck)?? --ested (--to take you out and calm hi--) Some are desperate. (Something about time).
German food and broth with (pumpkin?)....”

Transcribed by: chrome_storm

I'm alive, they haven't eaten me yet...

For those who can't translate .ogg files, yeah, I'm really still alive off on our wideathtrip. jenniever and I left the_boke after work Wednesday, and drove on into the night. In Lewisburg I took the wheel from her, and we continued to fight through the light snow. Less than a hundred miles from Indiana in Ohio, we crashed at a rest area on the side of the road for an hour and a half. After that we drove into Chicago.

Gave her a quick tour, including the drive along the lake from the Museum of Science and Industry. We scooted about the downtown region for a bit, then dashed up to madisonwi. assfingers had taken off early from work, so we drove to his house. He let us both have showers, we hung out for a while, and we got a tour of the town. Giant domes, ice fishing, visiting comkilsrv at work, and cool shit abounded! We then went over madolan and hotbeatz's place, where the former had dinner prepared for all of us. After dinner we went to Irish Waters, and had a good time. Pictures from said good time can be found here and there. One day when less drunk, I'll caption them or something.

The next day we took care of some things. We ended up having lunch with birthday boy adamgreeney, maelel, hotbeatz, and madolan at a local meat/cheese/sandwich/whatever place. AND THEY ONLY SERVED VERMONT CHEDDAR! Then jenniever got her car fixed, kingfox got his eyes fixed, a bunch of us had dinner, I called graye while madolan was running errands with us, and we went out to Essen Haus. Pictures from said good times can be found here. Many people got drunk dialed by a pack of roaming LJers. In fact, a couple of us believe that it was the largest grouping of people we'd been to where every single person has had an LJ. And I've been to some decent sized gatherings where that was the case.

Tomorrow assfingers buys us cheese, and I dress up for a spy night in Milwaukee. Expect more incoherent phone posts.
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