December 20th, 2004

Reducability, Barry&Oracle

I realize my problem

This weekend I figured out why this season was such a bitch for me with regards to shopping.

For five holiday seasons before this one, I was working at a retail store in a mall. Thus I was forced to be at a mall weekend after weekend throughout November and December. Being surrounded by the commerce, I managed to locate gifts for loved ones during my breaks and before/after shifts. Now I have no such excuse.

Wednesday I'm taking off to get all of my shopping done. Should be fun!

Ever since we stepped out of Morimoto's, I've been hiccuping on and off. Was up until four or five in the morning last night, unable to sleep. Tried every method I knew to get rid of them, and most worked only once or twice. Managed to get some work on my database done, beat KotOR 2, and finally nod off. Right now I'm exhausted after only three hours of sleep, but I've got to lift and get a gift for tomorrow's work gift exchange and wrap it and study for tomorrow's final.

Yes, his cuisine did reign supreme. More on that later.

Presented my database this morning. There's so much more I could do/have done. Bleh.

My diaphragm hurts too much to post links, punks.
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