November 5th, 2004


Insane weekend coming up...

As I said, I'll be in Mexico this weekend.

Tomorrow, after class, I'm driving off to Newark. Then a flight to Phoenix with jenniever and friends, where we'll spend the evening. The next day we drive down into Mexico, specifically Puerto Peñasco Mexico. We're going to be crashing there for the evening, then flying out of Phoenix the next day in time for work on Monday.

Why would we pull such a crazy stunt? ¡Circus Mexicus! All of Roger Clyne's songs are about drinking in Mexico, so his yearly concert in Mexico should be a blast.

And while down there, hopefully I'll get to meet up with the creator of Kingdom of Loathing and his right hand man. The latter is a huge Roger Clyne fan, and they're both from Phoenix. Supposedly they're both going to be there.

Three more things. The same thing as that purple map I posted, but by county. So it's a cross between what _sterno_ commented and what I posted. And if that doesn't paint the picture enough, try this amazing map on for size. As jwz said, ``Wow, the complete absence of anything tall and red is striking!''

And to get away from the politics, two great tastes that go great together: Goatse + Ron Jeremy = Ron Jeremy getting Goatse'd! Thank you runstaverun!
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