October 25th, 2004

LoserDance, AshleySimpson

It's that time of year...

This is the time of year where I bring over half a dozen Type O Negative CDs to work and listen to them when I'm not listening to Radio KoL. Tis the season!

Thinking of that damn crack that is Sims 2, I finally started dabbling in ghosts last night. I was inspired, I guess, by earning the Necromancer title on Fable. Collapse )

I love this season. Halloween is up there with New Year's for my favorite holiday, not counting All Saint's Day, Kanamara penis festival, Day of the Dead or other holidays that we don't traditionally celebrate. Despite my lack of serious costumery in a while, I love it. And not just because I used to hit all the stores the day after and pick up cheap decorations to leave up year round. I'm lucky petemagyar lives with me, otherwise I'd decorate like I did back in college... Glowing little plastic skulls hanging from my windows in a cheap pseudo-goth Kurtzesque fashion, plastic bats and spiders everywhere, plenty of bones, and so forth...

And now, for _sterno_: Want to know what I really think of you? Just ask. I'll answer truthfully and bluntly. Except if you've posted the same offer in your journal, and have yet to give me a response. Which means that johnstevensaul, caniswolfie, and some others aren't getting responses. I think only windexcowboy is in the clear on that one.
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LoserDance, AshleySimpson

Simple equation

1 + 2 = 3

Let's take a Turing machine, Bob, that can test whether a certain Turing machine would accept a given input. Bob will accept if the other machine accepts, and reject if the other machine rejects. It can't ever figure out if it was never stopping, thus it can't really decide the language of Turing machines.

But going a step further, Bob by definition replicates all Turing machines. Let's say that Bob is Turing machine 666 for the hell of it. There's also the Anti-Bob, a Turing machine that's the compliment of Bob, saying yes when Bob says no, and no when Bob says yes. So as Bob says yes if the machine accepts the input, Anti-Bob says hell no.

So does the Anti-Bob accept the Anti-Bob? Assuming that the Anti-Bob is machine 668 (the bloke next door), we're really accepting if it accepts Turing machine 668. The Anti-Bob accepts machine 668 if and only if Bob says that machine 668 does not accept machine 668. So machine 668 accepts machine 668 if and only if Bob says that machine 668 does not accept 668.

That's whack shit.
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