October 21st, 2004

Vault, Finger


Oh well, that insanity hurt. petemagyar's calling it the greatest moment in sports since six hundred BC or so with the first Olympics. I can think of a few events that should beat it, but whatever. Sour grapes (or bad broth) aside, I'll admit that this is a huge amazing event.

Read assfingers's excellent dissemination and discussion here.

So, err, what did you promise to do on KoL Radio, bornofdivinity?

Sure enough, days ago, petemagyar predicted to jenniever and I that this man would be the big hero in the end. And he was right. Despite being raised from the womb to love the Yankees, you've gotta love ``the unfrozen cave man'', as petemagyar dubbed him. If I was a professional baseball player, I'd have that look. That's such a great look.

As assfingers said, there's always next year.

I hope all of you cybersphere peeps and nc_refugees read the Stephenson interview on /. earlier today. Questions five and ten were great, as was this comment.

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