August 14th, 2004

A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

Got to post this before Paddington...

Evil ways by Santana, should we be able to finish this track - it, with any luck,will be unrecognizable. Carlos spoke to Peter to wish Type O the best in this effort... And he was rumored to have said 'gringo, get the spanish parts right'. Peter pledged his loyalty to the Latino influence of the song, and pointed out his diplomatic skills by reciting Carnivore's 'Jesus Hitler'. Carlos did offer to tour with the band, should kenny become unavailable for any long as he would not have to play 'my girlfriend's girlfriend'. The rest of the band asked for the same stipulation.
So let's look at the connections in this.

hiphopatcong has one testicle. Peter Steele has one testicle. Hilter had one testicle.

hiphopatcong loves that cool crackpot Carlos. Peter Steele's band is covering Santana with his blessing. Peter Steele's former band did a song called Jesus Hilter that petemagyar sings all the time.
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