August 13th, 2004

Lo Pan

And anybody that showed up was gonna join Lem Lee in the Hell Of Being Cut To Pieces.

mystedraveneyes (12:12:43 PM): Rain just called again. He's suffering from traffic hell.
kingfox (12:14:00 PM): Next thing you know, Thunder and Lightning will call. Then Jack Burton will show up. Jack Burton's friend Wang Chi will kill Rain with a sword, Egg Chen will drop a hunk of rock on Lightning, and Thunder will blow himself up.
mystedraveneyes (12:14:29 PM): *laughs*
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Everybody loves fridays

As pollingplace is as dead as Julia Child, I recommend fridaypoll strongly. But only because it's the mother of all fridays, friday the 13th.

Today my copy of Someplace Strange arrived today. Looking through it after lunch, I've determined that the anonymous coward was dead on. Thank you, helper more mysterious than ninja_giver! It's fascinating what parts of the comic resonated with me back then, what stuck in my memory, and how it looks in my memory compared to how it now looks in my hands. The subjective nature of reality's fun that way sometimes.
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