August 11th, 2004


It's almost game time!

Right now looks like a thirty to fifty percent chance of rain interrupting the sports event of the century between utini2 and hiphopatcong. See the trash talking, see the votes, see the spreading meme. agent179 is charging the camera. runstaverun, chrispalermo, jenniever, windexcowboy, agent179, dickardo, doughnutman, and more will be there. There's a few people who I can't remember the final status of.
Two men enter, one man leave!
R.I.P. Angelo Salvatore Rossitto
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Uncle Duke

Update on today's events

Look at this. As reported, it's raining. Hard. jenniever's in a monsoon. But it looks like Madison's on the tail end of the storm, and it's moving away from us fast. windexcowboy thinks things will have cleared up by then, and it looks like he'll probably be right.

The indoor courts are ready, according to the Forum desk. utini2's not a big fan of indoor courts, though he believes that they'll help his game. jenniever confirms that the indoor courts really suck at drewuniversity. So hopefully we'll be able to use the outdoor ones by six.
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