May 16th, 2004


Crazy ending to a crazy fucking week

This week I've managed to:
  • Lose over $1,500.
  • Serve jenniever and others lobster.
  • Go to the Colorado Cafe with jenniever and crew, enjoying tequila shots and fun.
  • Get a good chunk of the library upgraded to my new public workstation configuration.
  • Find out that my time doing a config for the Compaq DeskPro 550 was wasted, as the library's replacing them with Evo D530s. Whoops, should have read Alan's call more carefully.
  • Recover over $1,500.
  • Have my ATM/debit card cancelled by my bank between Friday morning and noon on Friday for no reason. They're looking into it, and gave me a gift certificate to apologize for the error.
  • Watch jenniever graduate. Yay!
  • See mineral2, xypher, and others who don't have journals graduate too.
  • Have the usual post-graudation Rod's meal with her family and help her move out.
  • Watch The Luzhin Defence with her family.
  • Catch up with towelboy and fmrflyboy.

Today Andy Kaufman might rise from the dead for the big gala they're throwing him. Today doonesbury was censored. It's also the rescheduled Arts and Music Festival in Hoboken. Donovan played anyway on the original day, but we've got Patti Smith, Skanatra, King Norris, and more today. I know kikibird, jenniever, and a couple others talked about coming. It's a gorgeous day, there will be tons of stuff to see and do, so give me a call and come on out!

Last night shmivejournal made it to Hoboken, and for the first Saturday in weeks, I wasn't around. I feel horrible. It would have been cool to see him.
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