March 18th, 2004

Dookeyweb toon

Things I'd like to hear opinions on!

With all this man on man hot marriage action, and this woman on woman sexy legal intertwining, how is that going to affect common law marriages?

If I end up living with petemagyar for years, can I take him for half of what he's worth?


For those that use Vonage and the like. Do you know if pulse dialing works with the Cisco/Motorola device that you got?


Four-car accidents on the Pulaski Skyway suck. Ambulence blocking one direction trying to turn around, mangled cars blocking the other direction.

Why aren't you playing Falcon's Eye on thedenbbs?


What do you usually put under Current Music? Something you're listening to as you start the post, finish the post, or just fitting music that might not be on?

  • Current Music
    System of a Down, Mr. Jack