February 19th, 2004


Frosted lucky charms, they're meme-gically delicious!

Let's get back to Biblical standards of marriage. How much for your daughter?


Threesomes are cool.

My Love is Knight Rider

A good collection of all the rainbows, and see colorbar_love!

Anyway, yeah, I've been slacking. I logged on to cybersphere for the first time in a while today, and it was noticed that I hadn't been keeping up to date on my LJ either.

So instead of my usual massive mega update post, I'll break shit up into bite sized chunks, and dribble them down your mouths in a slow flood. Like towelboy does after periods without the ability to update, except with LJ-cuts.

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The next day, President's Day, fmrflyboy had lunch with a professor, petemagyar had coffee with jenniever, and I dropped the former off at the airport. It was great having him around, I really missed him. I hope he comes back again soon, he's such a great guy, it was wonderful chatting with him at length face to face once more.

epic47 visited a couple of days ago. It was great seeing him.

I'll post about Maiden and my birthday party soon.

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