January 26th, 2004


A great long weekend

Yet more Bob Mould with petemagyar, jenniever, and Jake on Thursday. Read his review of the night here. It wasn't his best night, he did seem a bit off the whole evening. Still a great time, still a good set, just not his finest. The end of his entry about the night's sweet.

Friday helped jenniever move in... well, not really. She really didn't move in fully until the next day with her father. Speaking of which, met her father the next day in an awkward moment. Went out with her, petemagyar, and her friend Ellen to Saffron later on that night. That's the great local Indian place I took jenniever out in return for cleaning my room with me. When we were sat, the young guy taking our drink order noted that he remembered jenniever and I from a prior night... and that he ``definitely remembered [me].'' I guess not many dirt bags with long blond hair and black leather trench coats show up there. Then the Drew ladies and I went to Ikea, making it there to get a return done just before they closed.

Today, Sunday, was my one month anniversary with jenniever. We hung out together, and enjoyed plenty of time together. After having a lazy day, I took her out for an extremely late breakfast at the Broadway Diner, two Slurpees, and then dropped off some paperwork with her down in New Brunswick. Got to drive her car in circles around one of petemagyar's favorite hangouts, the Court Tavern. Gave her a brief nostalgia tour of central Jersey, a fairly restrained one, but went into nostalgia overdrive during The Real Thing. Damn was it good, like visiting a group of old friends. She took me to dinner at Yuki Hana, where every other customer was from drewuniversity. Finally, she dropped me back off home in Hoboken, where I now drift off to sleep. Good times. I'm tired.

The next two nights are more Maiden nights.
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Up the irons!

Leaving shortly for the lovely Hammerstein Ballroom to see the great bards Iron -fucking- Maiden. Hopefully there won't be anything along the lines of Saturday's fiasco. Meeting up with petemagyar and a co-worker of his in the city, then freezing my ass off to get a good place to stand.

While the set list doesn't look as diverse as last time, it's a tour to promote the new album, not a tour for the sake of touring this time. And, unlike many fans, I really enjoy the new album. I can't wait to hear Rainmaker, Dance of Death, and Paschendale live.
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