January 10th, 2004

Eli Cash

I like to bite off xiolette and amplitude, yes I do!

I know I've had a confessional booth and a cry for help, but this is my first time with this classic LJ meme.

Poll #231247 Ask me something, I might just answer it in a later post.

What do you want to know? Hit me!

Car Update: Tommy got the parts, and fixed the car up yesterday morning for a reasonable price that puts off my bed but keeps me driving. Well, except for two tubes that need replacement... that are dealer parts only... so he needed to get them from a dealer... and they didn't arrive in time on Friday. So after a couple of days of my wonderful sweetheart jenniever driving me home, I got a ride from runstaverun yesterday. Was going to hang out with stepson and April last night, but a lack of a car put a damper on those plans.

Tonight runstaverun, kikibird, jenniever, a couple of her friends, and I go to see Big Fish.
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