January 4th, 2004


Yet another massive update from hell!

We all have responsibilities and duties. But you and I are warriors fighting in a great war. Think of it - you and I can fight battles that others can only dream of. The time for glory is here - it is not a time to worry about stabilizers. It is a time to celebrate, for tomorrow we all may die!

Yes, sweetheart, I did some more cleaning of my room and kicked up some dust. But the two-part Klingon civil war is on, and I can't miss this. petemagyar just finished working on some tunes in his room, good times. Editor's note: That was true days ago when I started this post.

I have a long history of posting like this, I truly know. I've already done the wacky backwards update, so this will be the update where time has no meaning. This update will traverse the fourth dimension like a spastic monkey on crack.

The Network. Fnord.
The Network:

You are the Voice of World Control.


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welcome home jersey kid.
Welcome home. You're SO Jersey. You know Wildwood
and Seaside are the most disgusting places on
earth, and only good for drunken after prom
vacations, you know there's always a
"short-cut" to someplace. Isn't
Jersey great? I mean, where else can you go 80
MPH and STILL be the slowest car on the road?

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Compassion: You are there to share your sympathy
with others. People would consider you
affectionate and caring, and someone to look up

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When the floor was opened to questions, someone asked Bill about his experiences working with Patrick Stewart. He said that he and Patrick have become really good friends and he recalled a couple of funny incidents. O­ne involved a cab driver who was irritated that Patrick Stewart had hailed the cab to take him across Las Vegas Boulevard, literally across the street, albeit a very wide street. The angry cab driver ordered Patrick out of his cab, o­nly then realizing who he was. "You're Captain Picard!" he exclaimed. "You're lucky, because if you were Captain Kirk, I would have punched you out." Bill said that he and Patrick shared a good laugh over the incident.

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Bill was back o­n Sunday sounding worse than he did o­n Saturday, this time armed with a throat spray which he used frequently as he could barely talk. He admitted that while he should have gone home and rested the previous evening, instead he and his wife Elizabeth spent the evening with Anthony Hopkins and his lovely wife at the beach in Malibu. "That's really where I lost my voice," Bill recalled with some fondness. "He (Anthony Hopkins) was playing the piano...and I was flush with lyrics." They enjoyed a wonderful evening together despite Bill's illness.

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One time, when we were renegotiating our contracts, we were all asking for raises, which we all felt we appropriate, because TNG was really taking off, and was really making lots of money for Paramount. Of course, Paramount needed that money to keep churning out their film *cough* hits *cough*, and was reluctant to share it with us. So a long and annoying negotiation process began, and, during that process, the producers first counter offer was to not give me a raise, but they'd give my character a promotion, to Lieutenant.

What? Were they serious?

My agent asked me what I wanted to do. I told him to call them back, and remind them that Star Trek is a television show! Here's me calling the bank: "Hi...Uh, I'm not going to be able to make my house payment this month, but don't worry, because I am a Lieutenant now. Where? Oh, on the Starship Enterprise. Feel free to drop by Ten Forward for lunch someday."

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``That has got to be the worst Ricardo I've ever heard.''

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True Metalhead
You are a True Metalhead. You dig the
classic music and the classic lifestyle. As
metalheads go, you're pretty open-minded in
terms of music and lyrics; if it rocks, then
you'll listen to it. Concerts are the pinnacle
of the metal experience, though sometimes they
get a little too crazy. You generally respect
everybody else, but as far as you're concerned,
they all wish they were Priest or Maiden.

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And that's all I have to say about he war in Vietnam.
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