December 31st, 2003



I still need to post about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all points in between. Hanging with the Mintels and Pastena, towelboy's weekend here, driving hiphopatcong, driving a random guy in Rockaway, hanging out with my girlfriend, retail holiday fun, the week of lunches and my zip code's effect on random financial guy, my brother being in town, windexcowboy's party starting it all, JFK junior being a Palermo while Frank Forte spins, fun in Brooklyn, runstaverun's surprise birthday, the subconscious origin of ``No worries'', ogun and mrfantasy introducing me to new good things, and more.

But I can't right now. cessna182's on his way over here to see Hoboken and drewuniversity. He's in town for the second time since 1995, I think third time since 1987. And it's damn good to see him and his fiance.

My girlfriend left a hair tie here yesterday, so I'm wearing it right now. As she keeps on saying, I'm such a little boy.
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    King Diamond, No Presents For Christmas