December 8th, 2003


Should I reset BRE (

runstaverun claims to have won. He has built a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude, and has forged his tradition in the spirit of his ancestor the robot. While the Creeping Empire and Land of Many Peninsulas made a valiant effort to destroy his spirit while he wasn't paying attention, he turned around and squished them like gnats.

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Don't forget to make accounts in Telegard, and I swear I'll get around to putting up more message boards and other doors some time over the next few days.
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Arthas + Lich King

Am I the only one...

...sometimes not getting emails about comments? Sporadically I seem to just be losing notification. I've tested it on two different email servers, I've tested it with both direct comments to journal entries and replies to comments in other journals, and it's not consistent in any way. I'll miss a few comments to posts of mine and replies to comments I've made in other people's journals, then I'll get a new comment made... but not the older ones. In the past, I know there's sometimes been a back log, but the servers usually caught up. It just hasn't been catching up.

I don't see any posts about it or support requests open for it, so I think I might be alone on this one.
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