December 6th, 2003

Don Karnage

Cabin fever is fun!

It's odd, I can go weeks without seeing people normally. I've lived on a rectory on a hill while Father Joe was away for weeks. I've gone weeks as a shut-in before, without going batty. But today, I'm just crawling up the walls. It seems everyone else is snowed in. At least that's made for interesting phone and AIM conversations, some of those with people I haven't talked to in ages. I've played a couple of games I haven't picked up in ages, caught up with a few things I've meant to read or do, and meditated.

And watched lots of crap television, or had it in the background. Short Circuit 2, every episode of Family Ties with Tom Hanks, whatever.

This is the worst summary of a movie I've seen yet. If I click ``INFO'' while watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the following blurb appears:

``Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome'': Mel Gibson, Tina Turner (1985)
Aunty Entity will return Mad Max's camels if he fights the giant
Blaster in a barbaric caged arena. (107 minutes)... (PG13)***

Wilco tango foxtrot? Two men enter, one crappy summary leaves. That's like saying that the greatest of the three was ``Mad Max will save his dog if he can break into an oil pumping compound'' Seriously, WTF?

Someone call me before I start working on my memoirs again or something. It's a Saturday night. Take a train to Hoboken and I'll give you food, liquor, non-alcoholic drink, electronic entertainment, and a gorgeous view of a city covered with snow. If I'm left to my own devices, I'll be sitting in the dark writing letters to Bea Arthur, debating her role in Star Wars. Seriously.
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