November 10th, 2003


Goatse's festive

I love how people would post Goatse's down! on /. all the time, to trick people into seeing if it really is down. Between social tricks like that, Yahoo and other redirects, and obfuscated URLs, I wonder how many hits the fabled site gets in a day.

But seriously, goatse has changed. It's for Halloween, so I don't know how long this will last. But if you've already seen what goatse has to offer, go ahead and take a look before it gets changed back.
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Road Warrior

The Road Warrior has one of the greatest intros of any media out there. I insisted this in the early nineties on many a BBS, and insist it to this day. Fallout and its sequel have quite similar intros, obviously based on the movie's.

Bill Cooper, the man who got me into computers and many other passions of mine, was a huge fan of the Mad Max series. He'd often watch it in our living room. Once my first stepfather hosted a AD&D game where people dressed as who they wanted to play in the campaign. Superman, Mighty Mouse, and others showed up. Bill dressed up as Mad Max, complete with just about all of the guns from actor friends. Running late to the game as usual, he got pulled over by the police, who had quite a field day until they confirmed that the guns were legitimate theatrical pieces.

In all of my years of viewing his copy, I never caught the intro. In all of my years of watching it on television, I never caught the intro. I either tuned in (or the copy I had access to) started as they zoomed down the highway.

January 14th, 1991, was the day before I turned thirteen. I was in middle school, and was living in the large room on the second floor where my brother cessna182 used to live. The cable leading from the antenna on the roof was tied into a noose by my brother, and sometimes swung against the window. The next day the time limit for U.N. Security Council Resolution 678 ran out, and Desert Storm was due to kick into high gear. My brother was over there, and had been since the word got out that Kuwait was being taken.

So I was up in this room, lying on the floor, preparing to watch a movie late at night. I expected to see the same movie I had seen many times before, starting with Mad Max roaring down the post-apocalyptic wasteland highway. Instead I got an introduction I wasn't prepared for.

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Fucking amazing. So I stared at the screen, wide-eyed and gaping at the little TV in the big room, shuddering. Arabs fighting? Amphibious assault vehicles (what cessna182 piloted) in the Persian Gulf? Oil wells erupting? What the fuck was this? What the fuck was going on? The noose started slamming against the window, and I swore I saw a body in it.

But everything worked out for the most part. The actor who played the feral kid currently runs a store. Good times.
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