November 6th, 2003


Mr. Anderson! Welcome back, we missed you.

Go see it. Do not pass Go. Do not eval player:stick():credit(200); Holy shit, Batman.

Personally, I loved it. But then again, I loved the last one, so YMMV. Not many questions this time around, lots of answers this time around, not as much hardcore Matrix action, plenty of hardcore action out of the Matrix. I'm satisfied. I agree with runstaverun that it's not as good as the first, and neither was the second. But together, they make a mighty trilogy indeed. So seriously, you've either seen it or you need to get off your ass and go see it now. And the music during the closing credits kicked fucking ass.

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And that's enough in spoilerland. In other news, the DMV is trying to fark me out of a couple hundred dollars. Big bad DMV says, "NJ Cure says you have no insurance. Prove you have insurance!" kingfox our hero says wilco tango foxtrot. DMV insists, "Fax us or mail us a copy of insurance to prove you have insurance or we huff and puff!" kingfox faxes them a copy of his insurance ID with the new company. kingfox moves to Hoboken, asks for change of address stickers for license and registration. Problems with mailbox, but still kingfox never gets the stickers. Months go by, and kingfox gets a letter from the fucking DMV at his new address informing him that he needs to prove he has insurance and pay them a couple hundred dollars to prove that everything's squared away. kingfox repeats wilco tango foxtrot yet again, and fires off requests for clarifi-fucking-cation. kingfox knows full well that this will get him nowhere, and that he's basically going to have to pay a couple hundred dollars unless the world ends and the DMV shows signs of reasonableness. Fuck them with a frozen piece of shit.

If it wasn't for my desire to sometimes visit people and run errands, and the lack of service between Hoboken and Madison, I would so go for the car-less lifestyle. Between insane insurance companies not contacting me to the DMV losing faxes, bleh. At least I've been having good luck with Hoboken parking, and am getting much better at locating spots.

Final note on the movie: In another instance of kids chatting about the coat, I got quite a few comments on the coat walking through the theater. No, no, I wear this thing constantly and have been wearing long leather trench coats since at least half a decade before the first movie came out. So don't assume it's some form of cosplay. I'm not showing my solidarity towards Neo. PLS DIE K THX!
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