November 3rd, 2003


A long look back

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So, yeah, life's been interesting. I had a little party on the 11th. Collapse )

The weekend after that was windexcowboy's party. A small intimate gathering, with good scotch that redvector wasted, much to mrfantasy's chagrin. Was good to see people, was a fun time.

The next weekend runstaverun and kikibird went out with my roomie and I to check out some of the CMJ festival. Collapse )

The monday after that, runstaverun, Pete, and I went to see VHS or Beta. Like I said, an absolutely amazing live act. Then came Halloween, and johnstevensaul's random raging insane party. Everclear and games and nutty times. I spewed out a few lines about fallout and shoes dropping while on the balcony, but as usual no one listens to Russell Sprague. All said and done, I had a good time. I just care for and worry about some of my friends.

And, well, other things that I've already posted about happened. Good times, like CS Halloween. Not to mention other random things, like walking behind a happy Hoboken couple on the way to work while the female tries to convince the male to read Harry Potter. The male listens, and tries to convince the female to read Lolita, explaining it and proclaiming how amazing it truly is at length. Parking with a million dollar view, loving Hoboken more and more every day, playing lots of video games, encouraging my roomie to do the same, lots of working out, good times. Friday I had to take the train to work, where an guy I remembered from my carless days took my ticket. Later, I heard another conductor making comments about a monkey or referring to someone as a monkey or something. It looked like the guy had a bloody nose, and joked about how the monkey punched him in the face and gave him the bloody nose. Odd Halloween costume. He offered elderly people M&Ms that he was feeding the stuffed chimp, and had it punch tickets. As I was departing the train, a passenger said ``Looks like someone's being creative with their costume'' to the other conductor.

He replied with, ``Looks like someone forgot to take their medication.''

AntiTrust is entertaining to watch now after reading the /. review and seeing dozens of advertisements for it on /. for weeks. Why not make Synapse open source? Hah! RMS doesn't look anything like Ryan Phillippe, ane neither does Mitnick.
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