October 19th, 2003



From: GSSFC (gssfc@aol.com)       Subject: GAFIA
Newsgroups: alt.fandom.cons       Date: 1997/03/11

For the purposes of email lists, smof convention mailings and anything else... If you need to contact Dan Kachoogian, please do so to this email addresss, otherwise, take me off your list(s) and do not expect to run into me at conventions or other organized fannish events, I've decided to Get Away From It All for a while, probably permanently.

It is not my intention to drag a psychodrama into this newsgroup, so please do not publicly respond to this message.

If you don't know what it's all about... I'm glad and have no desire to reiterate it for anyone's benefit... This car wreck will not be causing rubbernecking delays.. I have no desire to drum up support nor gather attention to myself. I'm just letting you all know I'm gone.

                    -Dan Kachoogian
                    Roselle Park, NJ
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Parking in Hoboken

Seven spots available between the street opposite the parking garage the next block over and the street right outside my place. Seven spots. Fuck yeah.

Today, on hungover/drunk Hoboken theater, reenactments of the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men will occur at the corner of 4th and Grand, wandering down Grand towards 5th. Loud burly guy will play Colonel Jessep.
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Food is good

Mission Burrito in Hoboken is a great place. For four bucks, you can get a massive lunch burrito. For eight bucks, you can get a Bay Burrito of epic proportions. It's some little authentic hole in the wall, right across the street from the Church Square Park down the street. If you do eat there for lunch, you get to watch hundreds of screaming middle school kids playing on the swings, hiding behind trees from bullies, and playing games. Great little place, a block and a half away from where we live. Yet, one night, Pete ordered delivery from there. Tonight we got take out, and I ordered a super veggie burrito. The tin foil container is eight inches in diameter, and is literaly one giant fucking burrito. I wish chiquib didn't still have my camera. There's a quarter inch gap for about twenty degrees on one side, and an inch deep gap on the other side packed with jalapeños. Fucking awesome, this isn't a burrito, it's a giant dish packed two inches deep and eight inches in diameter for a reasonable price. It's not a burrito, it's a fucking abomination of tastiness. Though Pete claims it does a number to your system.

Speaking of numbers to your system, today I had Popeye's shrimp. I've had White Castle's clam strips and surf and turf with nary a problem. I've had University Club food that incapacitated the rest of my co-workers. I've stomached some of the nastiest uncooked shit that a human can have, but these fucking popcorn shrimp did me wrong. Adam Sandler's hypothesis in Little Nicky is bullshit. Well, he was talking about the chicken instead of the shrimp.

Getting back to Mexican in Hoboken, Qdoba is another place few blocks down, but is more of a fast food style setup. I have to try them a couple more times, but my taste for synthetic artificial fake things in life might help them beat out Mission in my book if Mission doesn't win with the laziness factor. One night a group of us were walking past the place after they had closed, and noticed that the employee cleaning had a ``Go Naked'' shirt on, offering people to order their burritos without the burrito wrap. We joked about flashing the guy.

Jason Patric is at the Yankees game. Loved him in Lost Boys. Last night the Marlins Manager, Jack McKeon, made a Woodbridge reference last night. He's not even from Woodbridge, he's from a couple towns south, but as Pete said, ``He has it engraved in his mind that Woodbridge is a great civic area.'' True dat.
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