October 13th, 2003


This piss party really wants me to come!

I'm up to twenty of these.

Last night I was really worried about my financial state. Then I realized the following equation:

New TV + four chairs and other Ikea crap + assorted bills + rent check finally being cashed + food for party + liquor for party + pirate costumery + impulse purchase vodka + clothing + parking tickets + grocery shopping == a lot of fucking money for the course of one month

So I don't feel so bad anymore. As long as I don't buy a new TV and furnishings and have a party every month, I'll still be decently ahead. Plus my roomie owes me a little. So it's all good. Plus I forgot about the wad of cash in my pants, as my pirate pants had no pockets, only a bag of booty from kikibird.

Dirt? There's plenty of dirt all over the place, my friend.
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