September 30th, 2003


I mean, did you truly understand Boromir?

Tonight I had cold Thai noodles and Japanese eel fried rice. From the same place. Delivered. At a reasonable rate. To my door.

Civilization has its ups, and its down. It's a cruel bitch that can swallow you whole, leaving you at the house halfway between the restaurant and where the officer lives, or can spit you out battered and lifeless in an Edison ditch.

Mephisto beating up Tyreal reminded me way too much of the similar scene in the book my mother read to me so long ago.
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Hell yeah

This is almost here! Hell, they've already got a couple of Maiden songs. This is something I've been excited about since the first time I read about it. Two great tastes that taste great together. Only a couple weeks to go before it comes out.

My free copy of Voodoo Vince arrived today. Good times.
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