September 2nd, 2003


The only shots I have of him has him shirtless and intoxicated...

For those of you that BBSed in central Jersey, you probably remember CB22. CB22, or Jon, was an active participant in the community. He worked with a few, and ran Dark Planet during the attempt to revitalize the local multi-line BBS community.

This morning he died in a car accident on the GSP. Details are still coming in.
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Doppelgangers, handout, brother, try to be joyful!

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My doppelganger! I attempt to somehow compete with shmivejournal!

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So where have I been? Well, Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )

I don't see my brother often, which is something we'd both like to change... it was great spending time with him. His girlfriend is quite cool, and her family's good people. Next time maybe I'll get to drag him to drewuniversity. My co-workers kept on asking every day if they would get to meet him. Maybe December. It's amazing how I can sit talking with someone who I grew up mostly apart from until three in the morning, and find overlap after overlap. From DFC to our different connections to satan_dot_com, it was awesome and creepy. Stories of masterful trolls, pranks, games, everything. His girlfriend and her family kept on asking if we wanted anything. Bah, no, just to keep on talking. I wish we didn't live so far apart.

I've been driving on the West Side Highway often... up to the Bronx, down to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, out to the Holland, all over.

Humanity might not be worthless as previously reported. But don't take your pants off yet.
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