August 13th, 2003



I have a new sign for my office door, the door that prevents caniswolfie from getting blood splattered on him. Your time will come! Your time will come!

Hey buddy, how about you try uninstalling the utility that you didn't believe I had installed before installing it on top of the installation of the fucking chipset utility that fucking only installs all of the components necessary for the chipset of the machine in question when it installs? How about you try doing things my way, sparky? I'll humor you, and do things your fucking fuckity fucked fuckup way that I know will fucking break. I'll play your game, you rogue, and reproduce your error that you SHOULD BE FUCKING GETTING because you're just not fucking doing things the right fucking way. In my world, on my operating systems, with my computers, we uninstall utilities and drivers before installing them again. Call me crazy. Say my dominant paradigm is out of whack. Do so. Whatever. But fucksakes, fucking fucker fuckity aaargh!

Everybody yatta!

AND HERE ARE THE ERRORS! I knew they would be there. No shit, you fucking fuckers didn't fucking check to see if the Intel shit was installed fucking hell!

UPDATE: Ah, great having a boss's boss's boss who can respond with, ``And then that fucks it up, right?'' He didn't even read this entry and knew to say that.
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