July 25th, 2003


Our XD can beat up your deployment solution!

windexcowboy, as always, is a freakin' genius.

The first rule of eXtreme Deployment is...

To get XP in your AD, use XD. XD XD XD! We are building a deployment solution of EXTRAORDINARY MAGNITUDE! I want to run down BC's halls in a gorilla suit! Are you eXtreme enough to handle our might? REG is the greatest thing in the world. AutoAdminLogon wants to be all funky on our shit? Fuck that. I pelt the registry with wasabi peas and export .reg files to \\WasabiPC\C$\! Fuck that shit! windexcowboy may have been tired and sloppy today, but he's so good, he can clean up his own fucking mess in the future like Wyld Stallyns did in the police station. Unless you run a 98 boot disk with READNTFS like a nimble vagrant. You boot it up, the noble savages start up, you kiosk, YOU GET DEPLOYED! YOU LIKE IT! YOU ASK FOR MORE, BUT YOU ARE ALREADY SET UP!! PHP is easy, but I wish I was using Perl, because I like overkill. Overkill is FUN. LET'S GO KILLING MANTLIONS WITH TKM! Fuck yeah!

IRON MAIDEN TOMORROW NIGHT! AND THE NIGHT AFTER! AND THE NEXT WEDNESDAY? Fuck, are you even reading at this point? If so, say kumquat. Like Zug used to have people do back when it was good!! Seriously. Your deployment solution has nothing. You're in the domain, you joined yourself, you got your admin all defined, you got the greasy dirty Sid all cleaned up after a while, it's all good. No worries. We are the champions. And, as I said, windexcowboy is a freakin' genius.

UPDATE 4:30 AM: I am Jack's fucking IBM hidden partition out of nowhere fucking running batch files out the ass to restore the fucking factory state sweet mother of fuck.

UPDATE 6:30 AM: NewSID will take as long as it has to! NewSID will take as long as it has to! New SID will take as long as it has to! CALL US JORGE! CALL US! WHERE IS THE LOVE??? Furthermore, the sun is up and people are working on the roof. This is too much for us to process. Bring us breakfast and we will teach you the rules of eXtreme Deployment!! Call now!!!

UPDATE 8:15 AM: mrfantasy shows us the love, where is the love Jorge?
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Just got out of mrfantasy's suprise baby shower. I am leaving for Iron Maiden now in the town where his wife teaches. If I die due to lack of sleep or shore traffic or road rage, too late. I love you all, when you see me next, I will be enlightened.
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