May 16th, 2003


Further Matrix 2 shit, not really spoiler, but links to spoiler shit

Thanks to shmivejournal for finding this gem. That wins my ``Dorkiest Comment on /. for the Day'' award. Let's not mention the SecurityFocus article...

Oh, and since I warned you about being spoilerish, I can expand past my first review. I mentioned that there's not a huge amount of plot. This is true. There's no setup. There's no recap of everything that occured in the first, like they did in LOTR:TTT (how sad that redvector and I just checked Google to see which one was more proper). But, as windexcowboy pointed out today at lunch, there's one scene that has more than enough plot packed in it. A scene that redvector joked about having more than enough polysyllabic words to really piss people just there for the action off.

redvector: Your posts look so much longer in the raw HTML. I guess I'm kind of like Silent Bob. Whenever I'm not yelling at someone, I'm saying something really profound. So I guess I'm more like Angry Bob.
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Third and final (for a while) post about The Matrix

No spoilers at first. I'll cut for spoilers about Reloaded, and cut again for spoilers about Revolutions. Don't worry. Appropriate that I do a trinity of posts. But that doesn't add up to 23, unlike everything else.

So after the first viewing, we were wandering out of the theater. Some guy, not an employee of the place based on outfit, was slumped over the Star Wars arcade terminal. angryjonny commented, ``We've all been there.'' It was a hilarious sight - after one in the morning, this prone body draped over the dead machine.

Tonight redvector, windexcowboy, and I saw it a second time. Instead of physicsninja, angryjonny, and crew we had caniswolfie and his woman meeting us there. I invited periol, runstaverun, kikibird, johnstevensaul, and carrisse but none made it. After this viewing (and more people stayed after the credits), there was another amusing sight. A row of annoying chatty morons were situated behind us for this viewing, and they all had bottles of Powerade. Not just any, but the special Matrix Powerade. So there was a complete row of finished advertisement sitting in the cup holders for that annoying row. Fred Norris' sister and khephra did their jobs, and more money was milked.

So, anyway, spoiler time. Collapse ) Collapse )

Tonight redvector, windexcowboy, and I had Quizno's yet again. It's growing on me. Got to get up early for graduation.
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