May 14th, 2003



I wish I was an interest like incetardis is. Yes, I know not the same Omar.

I love Bawls. Yes, I know, I love Bawls is not something to be screaming. I even like warm sweet blue balls, and fizzling blue balls. Mmmmmm.

I have tons of things to update on. noelr's gathering, last week's Movie Night, the senior goodbye lunch, last week's Game Night with willthestud, incetardis's party, Castlevania ownage, sushi night, last night's Movie Night and introspective screaming, and tonight's senior banquet - where I'll be serving redvector and carrisse (noelr's two favoritist people) on hand and foot. But things keep on crashing when I try to push them to the limit, and I keep on getting side tracked. Damn the man. I'm getting old. Collapse )
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