May 3rd, 2003


Game Night & FAP FAP FAP - not like Thin H Line/Sexy Losers fap...

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So today, at country western FAP, kikibird rode a mechanical bull while hiphopatcong, runstaverun, and I watched. She lasted longer than all the guys before and after her that I saw. We had an entertaining comedy of errors trying to find her and then her boytoy at the train station before that, and we all got caught in a downpour that almost knocked one of my contacts out.

Then hiphopatcong had to decide whether we spent the evening with them or Helen and Shaun/Sean/Shawn/etc. As he put it, ``I had to decide between my two favorite couples. But I chose kikibird and runstaverun last time, and Helen and Puffy Combs are already cooking for us.'' So we parted ways, I said goodbye to my Helen and Guyver, and they went off to enjoy the senior art show in the DoYo. We went up to the boonies of Sussex, had some amazing dinner, played video games, watched TV, and I left for an undisclosed location. More coming later.

Call me Lord Minty, but I want the Hellraiser statue.
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More Drew memories about events...

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A good chunk of my spam today is doctor recommended spam. Mmmmm.

Tent Weekend (see earlier rant here), or ``Tent Half-Day'' as take_a_shot called it, had a cool reggae cover band. Some interesting choices of songs, but not a bad set overall. Still sad to see it go from starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday to starting on Saturday afternoon and ending Saturday evening.

Seeing the liquor section set up by SW Bowne reminded me of a Senior Week luau I was in charge of back in the spring of 1998. Yee-haw. Being a Student Activities groupie (volunteered to help at almost every event) and Pub manager, I was pouring alcohol every chance they had to nab me. Baccalaureates I poured at, got hired by Acorn and Womyn's Concerns to do parties, did MNJ parties, pour pour pour. Too much time spent pouring alcohol for people, not enough time spent going to class. Anyway, at this luau, the Student Activities peeps basically left me in charge of alcohol set up, distrobution, and even procurement. Oh yeah, and they let me pick the band. Never Mention Money (best link I could find is here) was a bunch of Wall Street suits, with no need to really make money off the gigs. They played around the tri-state area as a relaxing fun thing to do on weekends. One WMNJ concert they did for free, just hanging out on the Womyn's Concern porch drinking with us afterwards and taking money for gas/tolls. They played The Pub a few times, and were a decent little local band. Anyway, I mixxed up some nice punches, set up behind the orange fence of legal age. The band was set up on a stage, and there were rows of chairs, and some food by the chairs. However, stupidly, they set up the alcohol on the other side of the stage. So the band had their backs to the liquor. This would have worked out, had people actually grabbed food and sat at the chairs. Instead, of course, they grabbed food and sat in the booze section. So the band sets up facing the chairs, people show up, and the band plays the first song with their backs to everyone. After the first song they turn around, ``How's everyone doing back there?'' Finally, everyone except the drummer turned around to face the actual crowd behind them. Funny shit.

runstaverun found the ultimate kingfox site. It's like my Tappy Tibbons, right here. Anyway, off to runstaverun and kikibird's pad and then off to noelr's. And don't forget to join my army!
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