April 25th, 2003


It is not even noon and the world has gone insane.

A Kinko's in Louisville, Kentucky is faxing us information on female serial killers.

Windexcowboy feels dead people when coming towards his closet, but not in the closet with the door shut.

The creator of artificial intelligence has certified notarized documentation, we can get a copy from Bell Labs, and he's in the East Brunswick area. RunStaveRun wants us to call him with a text to speech program. I'm sorry, but I've been up for twenty-five hours.

Mothers begging porn stars to sleep with their sons is just another non-shocking event, paling in comparison to ``It's Just Wrong.''

I'm not putting a single fucking link in this post.
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Link-free for the second time today, worry about me...

Yay for finding out you owe your mechanic close to a grand. Money already owed, basic routine stuff, plus re-doing a good deal of the exhaust all at once.

Boo for never getting paid back for money loaned to exes when you paid them back every single time you borrowed money from them.

Yay for a good game night.

Boo for Mozilla crashing and losing every single thread of research on a couple different problems.

Yay for it almost being end of the month and payday.

Boo for still being missing a number of documents.
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Friends come and go, and my name means...

Remember this? What do we learn from it lately?

Two people decided to delete their journals. One came back from the brink, wong55 did not. No doubt killed by an enemy agent, or his deadbeat drug addict son. A moment of silence for the sexiest man alive, if you please. Some random woman who chatted with me one night drops me after months of reading and not commenting. Never friended her, never got into her journal, and was frankly put off by a few things. Two people drop me during a culling of their friend lists. One I beg and plead to keep me around, and get blessed. The other just adds me back after a while... the same day wong55 passes on. Coincidence? I think not. Some random person added me a while ago, having a couple friends in common. I beat Jenga and ramble about Happatai and he drops me like a bad habit. I'd say it was for making a long post without lj-cut, but they posted tons of long entries and online quizzes without cuts. Then, last but not least, someone drops me after a massive shitstorm of piles of ugly messy drama. After an entry saying the culling was done. *shrug* Then I find it's over my rude stretching. Whoopsie.

Stay tuned for more updates and people jump off board! Newcomers, introduce yourself, because I'll introduce you on the way out regardless.

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Sorry for spamming you all so much today. I've got a new catalytic coverter, muffler, some other stuff, and I'm ready to pack up and go now that I'm broke.
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