April 24th, 2003

Towel Boy

Voting's going poorly, but...

At the local late night food provider tonight, a smile and a wink got me charged for half of my order and free extra food. Well, maybe she does that for everyone. But if that's not the case, hey, at least someone else would vote for me.

UPDATE: Tonight was one of the most depressing Dawson's I've ever seen. Sweet mother of fuck. Wow. The argument between Joey and Eddie was fucking amazing, and shit, Joey really should have picked up on Joseph Heller's wisdom. Holy cow am I bummed. Wow.
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Summary of the rest of my weekend (http://www.livejournal.com/users/kingfox/63315.html)

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Rahway Roughnecks. Word is bond, yo.

Pete with pseudo-mullet, volcano hat, lookin' sly...
hiphopatcong - I just thought you would all enjoy this picture. It is definitely my favorite. It's hard to imagine that the same guy in the picture speaks multiple foreign languages and has been on every continent on the planet. You can take Pete out of Rahway, but you can't take Rahway out of Pete.

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Tonight is Game Night, with special guest willthestud. I'll post about Gay Night and Game Night tomorrow, I guess.
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