April 21st, 2003


Random assorted garbage

Ninja Gear is hella cool. Following lizzyfur's lead, bukkake is my anti-drug. Stern would be proud. I'm Stalin when it comes to genocide. Pete's dad would be proud.

The Tri-State area and New England are more LJ-saturated than other areas of the country, I'm sure that will come up the next time I get into a geographical argument. Between Game Night, saturday, and this morning, I'm defending Jersey all over the center of the world. On the topic of LJ, I led shmivejournal to a fate almost as bad as Goatse, and found a new goal for the man. And wrapping up the topic of LJ, my two nodal points friend each other, so my universe can now implode.

Now I've got to race home before hiphopatcong makes my room smell like smoke or messes up my sheets. I'll spend the evening picking my berries and reading the Book of Daddy (yes, that was a fucking amazing episode).
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