April 16th, 2003


More pimpin'

After getting accused of pimpin' yesterday, I decided to do some more pimpin' today.

  1. Please register with BuddyZoo. My results are skewed.
  2. Go ahead and ask dear_frank for advice. Let the hate and sage wisdom of redvector wash over you.
  3. Take part in pollingplace. No, not that kind of poll. Real meaningful polling done by shmivejournal.
  4. And if you haven't already, join Friendster. Yes, I know the trend died a while ago. Some people forgot to get on it back there.

Went to see Basic with incetardis and windexcowboy yesterday. The movie as best described by the latter as, ``Anything but.'' Seriously, as many twists as Wild Things, with less hot threeway action. We had Chili's beforehand, and some more Maggie Moo's afterwards. I went home, yelled at medical people for scheduling a camera up my ass without checking with me first, and chatted with the elusive towelboy.

My side hurts. Not the ``having another attack, curled in a fetal position praying for the sweet release of death'' hurty, just the ``ouch, something was going on there'' kind of hurt.
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I almost joined the Army once at their request...

Basic reminds me of all this...

Back when I was in high school, after I took my PSAT's, the Army tried to recruit me pretty heavily. They wanted me to look into military intelligence, and thought I'd be perfect for interrogation. And they didn't even know about ``the whip'' or any of the other stories at the time! A couple of recruiters came to the school a few times, and really talked the idea up with me, really inflating my head. I was pretty close to signing my life away, when I realized that they'd require me to be learning a few languages. I've taken years and years of Freedom, yet can only quote Megadeth lyrics. So if I had a Magyar brain, I'd be knocking around Iraqis right now.
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