April 4th, 2003


Game night was fun

kikibird, runstaverun, and I had our usual game night.

runstaverun and I played some Xbox, until kikibird showed up. They ordered chinese, I ordered sushi, and we played some Scrabble. While none of us are quite Quinn, we had fun. kikibird took a fast lead, until I made a daring play that won me a large lead. kikibird kept on creeping up on my lead, eventually racing neck and neck with me. runstaverun kept on alternating between low-scoring moves that blocked us and high-scoring moves to keep up with us. It was a close game throughout the length of the game. In the final rounds, kikibird was overcome by her headache. I jabbed forward with a clever fancy-pants move to score big in my last play with a single tile, but holding on to a Q cost me ten points and the win by a single point. kikibird was woken up, and told that she won. She cheered all the way to bed.

runstaverun and I stayed up playing MechAssault on Xbox Live. We got our asses handed to us often, but we held our own in other matches.

For the first night in a while, I didn't feel any intense crippling abdominal pain last night! Maybe I just need to eat sushi every night.

I am 54% Drew.
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