March 27th, 2003


Something some of my friends have already seen...

Reading my friends page, I see hiphopatcong's post about mine-hunting dolphins.

All of our mutual friends have seen this, but holy fuck, I know the cybersphere peeps will appriciate this. wm_gibson_feed's mine-hunting drug addict dolphin is just about here. Now all we need is a bit more work in implants, futher development of corpocracies, and a three dimensional browser. One of the wierd characters from a novel I read when I was a wee tot that seemed like a dark future far off exists now.

Microsoft sent me Mechwarrior a couple of years ago, the single player campaign is tons of fun. And my Pokedex is coming quite well, thank you.

I'll review the concert tomorrow.
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Like a train wreck...

I am not able to look away from people's lives. As much as I know I should, when they have problems at work or feel they are going through panic attacks, my heart bleeds for them and I want nothing more than to do everything I can to make it better.

But, then again, they've made it quite clear I should stay away. So I do nothing. I've misinterpretted these cries of anguish and tried to ride in like the knight in shining armor many times in my life. It usually ends up with me slaying a dragon, being a hero for an hour, and then getting attacked for slaying the dragon. We all know people can't just be honest and tell it like it is.

And in other news, those eighteen and over should contribute to shmivejournal's latest post. I apologize to all those on my friends list who I stole to contribute to his collection. I didn't refer to any of you by name, trust me. Warning: NSFW.

Speaking of work, I really enjoy giving the fifteen minute warning. The TRC likes being told to stop whatever work they're doing in fifteen minutes.
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