March 16th, 2003


Good night moon

There was once a BBSer named Patches. She lived in an apartment with Free. Patches had a daughter, the parentage of said daughter was a common topic of conversation. Patches was a sweet maternal figure amongst the crazy male pack of BBSers, and often hosted parties. This was back during my, ``My name is Russell. I like little girls. I drink blood!'' phase. One night I saw ``Good night, Moon'' on the floor at her place, and proceeded to read it in a really deep creepy voice. It really freaked out Patches and a few other BBSers.

The moon was exceptionally beautiful tonight. I almost wanted to drive up and down 15 to better enjoy it.

And in other news, I'm still a jerk, an asshole, and a moron. Fighting the frizzies, at eleven.
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    Demons doing the tango in my head