March 14th, 2003


A truly memorable and magical game night

As I mentioned, last night was both game night and Happatai night.

After leaving drewuniversity after the mad whirlwind of acadtech Spring Break cleaning, I got to runstaverun and kikibird's place. The latter was still at work, so runstaverun and I attempted to order from a local Vietnamese place. The greasy photocopied stapled menu they gave kikibird was no longer valid, so we ended up showing up there in person. The whole experience was rather random, handled in broken English with food and money being handled in a seemingly random manner. The food was interesting.... Shrimp and roast beef wrapped in sugar cane skin, young coconut milk with a fork and straw, noodles, and shredded beef over rice. Good shit. While waiting for our dishes, I explained the workings of every money-making system in cybersphere to runstaverun, being reminded of Nga.

So we returned to their house, ate, and started gaming with Kill Doctor Lucky. In a rapid game with an amazing attempt by kikibird, I managed to make an attempt on the lucky bastard in the Lilac Room with a silk cord (I'm kinky), and after being foiled, dragged him into the stairwell by the Lilac Room (kikibird had a lilac candle for realism) and stabbed him to death with a letter opener.

After talking and debating which game to play, we beat Jenga. No seriously, we BEAT it down, pissed on it, kicked its teeth in, set it on fire, and danced on its grave. Thirty-six layers of regulation Jenga (each layer except the top two down to one or two pieces), then with another four moves post-game, we were up to thirty-eight layers. Then we started stacking objects on it, just further humiliating it. We kept on assuming it was the last turn/round, we kept on going back into the breach to take another round at poking the corpse. runstaverun with his haphazard clumsy luck and claw technique, kikibird with her amazingly steady sliding motions, and kingfox with his ``ping'' move followed by the slide/flip. It just didn't fall, no matter what we did.

So after taking a few photos, we sat down to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live with Happatai. Jimmy talked about Happatai a bit, and warned us that it would be the greatest night of our lives. Jeff Ross was co-host, and Jay Mohr was their first guest. Jay brought out some Nyquil, and they did shots like a bunch of DXM abusers. Chris Judd joined them after the two hosts were already getting loopy, and I continued to vibrate anxiously for Happatai while runstaverun passed out. Finally, they came on, Jimmy comparing the night to Ed Sullivan introducing the Beetles.

It was everything I had hoped for and then some. Three streets were blocked off for the number of Japanese people who showed up for the show. They did a hilarious version of Yatta, and chatted a bit with Jimmy after coming back from commercial. He and the other guests were standing on stage in their underthings, and Happatai managed to force a pair of tighty-whities with a leaf on the host, and get him to dance about with them for a little bit. It was mindblowingly hilarious.

It was a magical amazing night.
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