March 10th, 2003


These are the facts

Saturday, shortly before going to play more with kikibird and runstaverun, a NSA agent known as ``mitten'' hump/tackle/hugged me as Danika once did at MB2K. He wears the same exact boots as I do, only in size seven instead of thirteen. He reads PGP as most read pig latin.

Ever since my promotion, I've earned a set amount per month. Being so happy to see my salary double, I never bothered to really examine my paycheck stub like an irresponsible idiot. I never noticed that exactly 10% of my pretax income was going to an unknown line item, GA. A line item windexcowboy, mrfantasy, and OS/2 expert don't have. A line item that the latter guessed was drewuniversity gunning for their due. They deserve said due, I've offered to let them have said due, but.... I never signed a goddamn thing. I never got a balance statement. I was never notified of a damn thing. While we could just say they are getting what the court decided they were due, they've been getting this 10% for months BEFORE the court decision and the order went in to garnish wages. So drewuniversity is fucking with me.

When you walk down a path upset and half-sobbing, the rise and fall of your chest makes it feel as if your phone is vibrating, in some sad delusion.
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A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

Link explosion

You can buy happiness. You can live under Tokyo in shadows. You can be a consumer whore! And how, you evil capitalist running dog! You can shoot fire! You can be funny! You can check up on the cranford crew!

Or you can just unload a bunch of links at once. I really haven't updated much about the daily happenings in my life since the snow fell, so fuck, I've got links coming out of my ass.

Speaking of my ass, drewuniversity isn't screwing me. It's newjersey, so drewuniversity's still getting fluffed up and standing in line. Unless it gives up and goes for another orifice. For the love of all that is good and holy, I'm bleeding from my anus! Yay! At this rate I'll be making as much as I used to make.

So I'm off to kellan547's pad to watch gay cinema with kikibird and runstaverun. All three of us are suffering from bleeding eye syndrome. Not from bad DXM dosing, but from Gauntlet overdose.
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