February 10th, 2003


Madison coke bust

Thanks to ancalimar for telling me about this local event. For my drewuniversity friends, I bet this is just as entertaining as when the prostitution house was shut down in Florham Park three years ago.

In other news, don't watch Requiem for a Dream while already down in the gutter, and then set yourself up for further falling. Bleh. Yet there are those who suspect a more sinister plan behind the end result.
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I'm Tyler Durden?

Friday little was done, little was accomplished. It snowed, as I noted, and few were about. redvector, windexcowboy, and I spent the evening at The Space. I marvelled at how it had changed since the year that should have been my senior year, the last time I spent an obsene amount of nights there.

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And that was my Saturday, class. Sunday can be summed up in two words: ``Work, pain.''
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