January 29th, 2003


BAM! Power outage!

Power outages suck. Network servers being shut down hastily, UPSes having issues, 280 days of LarsPC uptime gone, madisoncam going down, bleh. No Jabber, downloaded AIM, back to a mere 200 contacts. The sysadmins deserve plenty of drinks today.

Well, drewuniversity was overdue for another one of these. While it wasn't as exciting as the backhoe on Shakespeare's birthday, sitting in the Commons under air raid sirens eating scraps, it was at least a shorter outage. Plus, I think, no small animals in Hall of Sciences dying this time. Sitting in major campus locations with heavy people traffic, like the UC desk or Aide Station, is entertaining during outages, to watch how people deal with it.

Of course, the night I crash on campus for the first time in years is the night this goes down.
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